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TIGLILY Design Concept

The brand name comes from the founder's childhood memory of a fairy tale story where there was a princess named Tigerlily, but he misremembered it as tiglily when he was young. He only learned the correct pronunciation and spelling when he grew up. But tiglily contains the founder's childhood memories, and when creating "dreams", he hopes that his brand can have the princess dreams of his teenage years, the warmth of his childhood, and the excitement of his childhood for the future. So tiglily's attached emotions and dreams are more appropriate. In addition, tig-lily has less of the tiger's temper than tiger-lily, and instead has 'tig' which means touch or tap, which adds more girlish agility. Lily is a lily-of-the-valley flower, and the whole meaning is to gently touch the lily-of-the-valley - gently touch happiness.


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